Friday, February 09, 2007

Introduction to Permaculture Seminar

From Friday evening, March 23 to March 25th, 2007, The Robin's Nest Retreat will be hosting an Introduction to Permaculture Seminar by permaculturist Douglas Barnes.

The curriculum includes threats to the environment, the permaculture design process, patterns in nature, soil health, water, passive heating and cooling, permaculture in cold ares, and a practical design exercise. Accommodations and meals are included in the course fee of $296.80 (incl. GST).

Mr. Barnes holds two permaculture design course certificates and has been taught by Bill Mollison, the creator of permaculture, and by internationally renowned permaculturist Geoff Lawton. Douglas has designed and implemented permaculture systems in Japan and Canada as well as assisted projects in Japan, Canada, Australia and Jordan. He has been an educator for 15 years.

The Robin's Nest Retreat is a straw bale bed and breakfast on a 22 acre wooded lot located in Norwood, Ontario, near Peterborough.

For those interested in attending, please contact Gail Robins at Please note that The Robin's Nest Retreat is a smoke-free, fragrance-free environment. For additional information, please see The Robin's Nest Retreat website.

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