Friday, May 26, 2006

Pollution in People

The Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition has just release its study of ten Washintonians for toxins.

Among the key findings are "[e]very person tested had at least 26 and as many as 39 toxic chemicals in his or her body.... For some chemicals, the levels we found are at or near those believed to be capable of causing serious problems, such as infertility and learning deficits.... "

To read the full report, see Pollution in People.

Update: Same thing goes for Canadians.


glenda said...

That's pretty scary. Wonder what the rest of us test out at.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, if you are alive today on planet Earth, you have some of these chemicals in your body. The younger you are, the greater the potential harm it can do to you. And the effects can be passed from mother to child, not to mention the known effect to male reproductive health.

Scott A. Meister said...

I would venture to add that it's more than possible to believe that since WWII the number and quantity of toxins in the human body goes up each following generation. It's the heirloom gift from industrial generation elders to their industrialised children. What a lovely inheritance, huh.